How to Delete History Every Time You Use Mozilla Firefox

We all know Mozilla Firefox is amazing piece of software. It is one of the leading browsers used to surf the internet. The day it was launched, many people around the world loved it almost instantly and of course there is a solid reason behind that. It was light on your computer, had everything already installed, is easy to use and introduced a lot of new features that forced Internet Explorer to play “catch up”.Many people love it for its raw simplicity and the biggest reason that it attracted a lot of attention was that it is an open source web browser and totally free. Although, in the past it used to come with Mozilla software suite, now it comes as a standalone browser for the internet and is definitely equipped with state of the art technology.But, it can be a big hassle deleting history. Especially if you have to delete it on daily basis to avoid getting your PC hacked. Although history proves to be a good reminder of some of the sites you’ve visited, people who like high security love to delete their browsing history regularly. But remembering to do this deleting isn’t always as easy.So why not stop it from recording history?Simple follow these basic steps and get rid of history once and for all and disable it.Open Mozilla Firefox.
Click on the tools button.A menu will slide down and many options will be seen. At the end you will see Options.Click it and a pop-out-box will appear.
There will be many options on top of the pop-out-box.
You will see Privacy tab at the top of the box.Click on it and there you will have the option of never remember history in the scrolling button next to “Firefox will”. By selecting never remember history, your history will never be recorded.

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