Real Estate Marketing: Personal Realtor Marketing Systems Make Good Business Sense

Real Estate Marketing Letters are arguably the ultimate tools for sourcing prospects that lead to listings and sales. Take farming expired listings for example. If you can mail letters you can get listings!Oddly enough, many agents know about expired listings and how profitable they can be, but opt not to pursue them. I’m not sure why, but their failure to act can be your financial gain and windfall!What You Need In a Letter While mailing letters is easy to do, not all letters are effective. The best ones contain enough information to get the writers most desirable response from the readers of them, whether it’s a phone call or acceptance of an offer to see a newly listed property.But if you’re going for the ultimate response, an actual listing, your letter must be outstanding. Hint! A FREE cookie cutter letter just might not do the job if’ you’re pursuing a $3,000,000.00 listing.Now, you can write your own if you’re so inclined, but doing so is a slow process and you may lose valuable time and customers to competitors while refining them. Can you afford that? If not you should consider buying some pre-written letters.Fortunately, there are some pretty good ones available at reasonable cost. You can buy and be using them in the same day. Another benefit is that some are time tested and can be effective in any state, county, or city in the United States. Effective ones can generate a steady stream of warm, responsive prospects month after month; all interested in one thing, listing and selling their properties. It doesn’t get any better than that!Your Real Estate Marketing Letters should at a minimum have your full name, address, and phone number(s), and other contact information. It should be as grammatically correct as possible without sounding unnatural and spell checked to be free of misspelled words.Your letter should also have lots of white space and it should be devoid of long sentences and lengthy paragraphs. Specifically, sentences should be short and paragraphs limited to 2-4 sentences. As an example, every paragraph on this page is less than 4 sentences long.Let’s face it – you need listings. The more you have the more money you’ll make. Good Real Estate Marketing Letters can help you get some!New Agents Can Compete For Business with Effective Letters If you’re a new agent Real Estate Letter Campaigns may be just what you need to jumpstart your business. You’ll end up contacting a lot of “known” sellers in a relatively short period of time. On the other hand, if you’ve been licensed for a while, but don’t have the volume of business that you want a Real Estate Letter writing campaign can supercharge your marketing results.It’s All About Contacts The more people you market your services to the sooner you’ll connect with people wanting to do business with you. Everybody likes doing business with a winner and good Real Estate Letters can help make you one.

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